Peacock Hall Emergency Response Plan

Appalachian State University’s Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) provides the context and institutional framework for responding to natural and human caused disasters that may affect the campus. It consists of a Base Plan, which identifies key emergency responders and establishes priorities for decision making; Emergency Support Functions, which detail response steps for specific university functions; and Annexes, which describe response actions that must be taken in specific disasters. Contact University Police, Office of Emergency Plans and Operations to obtain copies of this plan (828-262-8081). You may also read the Base Plan online

In the event of a disaster or major emergency, Appalachian State officials will alert the community using several methods. Immediate notifications will be made through AppState-ALERT sirens, voice and text messages, and campus e-mail. Subsequent emergency information will be posted online at When an emergency occurs, Appalachian State University community members can take steps to protect themselves.

The Peacock Hall Emergency Response Plan details emergency procedures that will be taken by the departments and units within Peacock Hall.