Honoring Chancellor Peacock at the Walker College of Business

Dr. Kenneth PeacockDr. Kenneth E. Peacock served Appalachian State University for over 31 years, first as professor and dean of the Walker College of Business and then as chancellor, overseeing countless accomplishments for the college and university. Appalachian's Board of Trustees, with the full support of the Thelma C. Raley family, made the decision to re-name the College of Business building in honor of Chancellor Peacock, made official at a ceremony in June 2014. Thank you to the generous donors listed below; we are proud of the great show of support for Dr. Peacock. Renovation construction began in the spring and is scheduled to be complete in August 2015.

There are still opportunities to honor Dr. Peacock. Your gift will transform the learning environment of our students, who are benefiting from the legacy of Chancellor Peacock today, and becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

Gift Levels to Honor Chancellor Peacock
     $500 Thank you wall
  $1,000 Thank you wall
  $5,000 Fellow Level
$10,000 Elite Level
$25,000 Professor Level