About Sustainable Business

Triple Bottom Line

The theory and practice of sustainable business recognizes that the economy, environment, and society (the triple bottom line) are interconnected and interdependent, and strive to enhance the business model so that it can flourish and thrive to benefit future generations.

  • Economy (Economic) – Economies need human, financial, manufactured, and natural capital. A sustainable business operates through a triple bottom line perspective.

  • Environment (Natural) – Natural resources are the world's stocks of natural assets, which include air, water, soil, geology, and all living things, and serve as the basis for human economic activity. Business has a responsibility to protect ecosystems, which make human life possible, and to prevent and clean up pollution.
  • Society (Social) – Business has a responsibility within communities to support and enhance human well-being, equity, ethical actions and operations, quality of life, and the maintenance and care of cultural resources.

Disclipline-Specific Definitions 

 The Walker College's Curriculum and Faculty Development Committee developed discipline-specific definitions of the relevance of sustainability on their respective fields of study.