Thailand - Advanced International Sustainable Business Seminar Abroad - MBA/UG

Program Dates
Wednesday, January 3, 2024 to Friday, January 12, 2024


Embark on a transformative study abroad journey to Thailand, where sustainability takes center stage. Our enriching course offers a deep dive into Thailand's sustainable development challenges and the groundbreaking solutions crafted to address them. With a focus on sustainability, we aim to empower students with a comprehensive understanding of Thailand's pressing issues and equip them with the tools to make a difference. With visits to Bankok and Pattaya. For more information, view the program presentation

Course Description     

The course aims to develop an understanding of Thailand's sustainable development issues and innovative solutions to those issues. Thailand continues to face significant challenges with equality indicators (SDG 10 and SDG5) as well as environmental indicators, including climate change (SDG13), marine ecosystems (SDG14), and land and forest ecosystems (SDG15). This course teaches students valuable lessons about achieving these sustainable development goals through business analytics solutions. Students who complete this course will be able to contribute to making Thailand and the world a better place

Course Goals

  • Analyze Thailand's current sustainable development challenges  

  • Predict the economic, social, and environmental challenges that Thailand will face in the future

  • Prescribe sustainable development solutions for Thailand based on the results of the descriptive and predictive analytics

  • Tell stories about Thailand's progress towards the SDGs using design thinking methods and data visualization software

Courses and Credits

  • MBA 5020 MBA International Experience in Thailand - 3 credits; This 3 semester hour course fulfills the international requirement for the MBA program and is an elective for the international business and sustainable business concentration. Prerequisite: Graduate Status  
  • BUS 4055: Advanced International Sustainable Business Seminar Abroad in Thailand - 3 credits  Fulfills International Business major or minor electives (major, approved, required or other), sustainable business minor elective, a COB elective or upper level elective and fulfills the Global Issues requirement. Pre-requisite: 84 earned hours and permission of the instructor. Contact the program leader if you are interested.


Billable Program Cost: $4,450.00
Includes: airfare, in-country program transportation, lodging, international health and evacuation insurance, program events, some meals, and CCS administrative fee.

Estimated Additional Student Cost: $400.00
Estimated costs include but are not limited to: immunizations, personal expenses ($200), and additional meals ($200).  

Please note - Students are responsible for the total program cost upon submiting the application and deposit. Refunds are contingent upon meeting the minimum enrollment of the program. If a student decides to withdraw before departure, that student may be eligible for a refund if the program has met minimum enrollment and is therefore viable.

Non-billable costs are estimates only and will be affected by personal spending habits, currency fluctuations, etc. Prices listed in USD unless otherwise noted. Students are encouraged to start planning for their study abroad program costs well in advance.

Program Leaders

Dr. Charlie Chen
College of Business

Dr. Chen has more than 12 years of international travel and teaching experiences with student groups in China, Japan, Taiwan and Spain. He is dedicated to growing students into future global business leaders in those countries via exciting, educational, and exhilarating study abroad learning experiences. Programs led by Dr. Chen offer students a rich study abroad experience that will last a lifetime. Contact Dr. Chen for the upcoming 2019 study abroad trip to Thailand. 

Ms. Amy Odom
Executive Director of Business Career Services
Walker College of Business

To Apply

  1. In order to apply for this program, you will need to contact one of the program leaders and provide your Banner ID and email address. Program leaders may request additional information or a meeting to discuss the details of the program and your interest.
  2. When permission to apply for the program is granted, you will receive an email from the Office of International Education and Development with a link to the application and further instructions.
  3. Apply to the program following the instructions from the program leader
  4. Print, sign and drop off your application at the Office of International Education and Development at Plemmons Student Union (PSU), Suite 321 ( 3rd floor), 263 Locust Street Boone, NC 28608. Your application will be considered complete when you have submitted your digital application, paid the $300 deposit, and dropped off your printed and signed application. The fee cannot be paid until it appears on your student account. Please note that it may take 2–3 business days for it to post to your account. You will receive an email with Instructions for paying the deposit fee. Instructions can also be found in the application.
Students not eligible for this program who want to participate should contact the program leader to ask if accommodations can be made.
Eligible Groups: 
Appalachian undergraduates
Undergraduate business majors
MBA students
Appalachian graduate students
All faculty-led programs fulfill the Global Issues Requirement and can fulfill a COB elective or free elective. Be sure to speak with your academic advisor to see how a specific faculty-led program will fit into your program of study.
International Business
MBA 5020 
MBA International Business Concentration
MBA Sustainable Business Concentration
Sustainable Business
MSADA Sustainability Concentration