Why minor in business?

The Walker College of Business at Appalachian State University offers minor courses of study from a variety of business disciplines designed to complement bachelor degrees in business and beyond. Graduates who possess a business minor benefit from functional business knowledge, enabling them to effectively contribute to a diverse set of industries and professions. 

The general business minor

The general business minor is open to students from any program except those who are pursuing a major in the Walker College of Business. Students gain foundational knowledge in every business background, including accounting, financial management, information systems, marketing principles, microeconomics, and management or organizational behavior.

Discipline-specific minors

Students who wish to delve deeper into one or more functional business areas may select from a variety of business minors, including accounting, computer information systems, supply chain management, economics, employee benefits, entrepreneurship, hospitality and tourism management, human resource management, marketing and international business.

Minors for students of any major

Students from any major (business or non-business) may choose to minor in:

  • Computer Information Systems *
  • Employee Benefits 
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management*
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business *
  • Supply Chain Management *
  • Sustainable Business


* Students earning a major in the same discipline may not enroll in the minor.

Minors for non-business majors

Additionally, students who are not pursuing a major in the Walker College of Business may choose to minor in:

  • Accounting 
  • Economics 
  • Entrepreneurial Studies 
  • General Business 
  • General Marketing 
  • Marketing Sales

Minors for business majors

Additionally, only students who are pursuing a major in the Walker College of Business may choose to minor in: 

  • Advanced Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing - Professional Selling