Appalachian actuarial science major seizes opportunities ‘with full force’

Actuaries provide the statistical probability of an event occurring, so when actuarial science major Malik Hargrave says not to take any opportunity for granted, it isn't cliché advice — it's calculated.

"What I would say if I could talk to myself four years ago: Don't take any opportunity for granted," said Hargrave, an Appalachian State University senior from Lexington who will graduate in December. "Every opportunity is given to you for a reason, and you should take it with full force."

For Hargrave, actuarial science was foreign but numbers weren't. He always had a love of numbers and saw working with them as something he could jump into immediately. It was at a career fair that someone suggested Hargrave look into being an actuary.

Senior actuarial science major Malik Hargrave, from Lexington, is president of Appalachian State University’s National Pan-Hellenic Council and chair of the Chancellor’s Student Advisory Board for Diversity Recruitment. Photo by Chase Reynolds
Published: May 15, 2018 4:36pm