Survey respondents willing to pay for stormwater management and reduce negative effects from runoff

Using the Boone Creek watershed that runs through Appalachian State University’s campus as a laboratory, an interdisciplinary research team at Appalachian has been studying impacts from stormwater runoff and how to manage that runoff.

“What our research shows is that stormwater runoff causes high temperatures and high salt levels in Boone Creek,” said Dr. William Anderson, professor and chair, Department of the Geological and Environmental Sciences.

In an article recently accepted in the Journal of Hydrology, a team of seven faculty researchers and two Appalachian students presented results from a model assessing how effective various stormwater management measures may be for reducing high temperatures and salt levels in the Boone Creek watershed. 

The paper reports on multiple ways to reduce the volume and rate at which stormwater runoff enters a stream. 

Eric Cheek ’18, Quantitative Geoscience major and Carly Maas, senior, Quantitative Geoscience major, measuring stream discharge in Boone Creek. Photo by Dr. William Anderson.
Published: Jun 11, 2019 2:39pm