Club Expo

Fall 2020 Business Club Expo

Business Club Expo is scheduled for Tuesday, September 1st from 12 - 2pm as a virtual event hosted via zoom. 


Held early each semester to assist students in finding their niche at Appalachian, the Business Club Expo is sponsored by the Walker Fellows and provides a forum for representatives of the college's 20+ student organizations to seek new members and share information regarding their respective club's current activities and objectives.

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University Club Expo

Students are also encouraged to participate in Appalchian's Center for Student Involvement and Leadership Club Expo, which provides additional opportunities to join up on campus.

Clubs and organizations are an important part of the Appalachian experience. Part of the mission of ASU is to help students develop skills so they will become good citizens and strong contributors in the communities they join. Joining a business-oriented club further develops students as professionals and, along with their major coursework, helps orient members to their fields of choice.