Honors Program Application


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Walker College of Business Honors Program

 Student Application

Please complete this Application Form in type or handwritten print, then scan and submit to the WCOB Honors Program Director, Dr. Lori Medders, at meddersla@appstate.edu or in person at 3057 Peacock Hall, along with the following supplementary items:

  • Curriculum vita (resume)
  • Unofficial ASU transcript (can be printed from DegreeWorks)
  • Two (2) letters of reference
  1. From a professor, recommending you to the WCOB Honors Program for your academic performance
  2. From anyone unrelated to you (e.g. professor, club advisor, minister, rabbi, work supervisor) who can attest to your honorable personal character 

Only completed application files, including all required materials will be considered. DEADLINE: MARCH 10th @ 5 PM