The Walker Experience

About the Walker Experience

The Walker College emphasizes experiential learning, interdisciplinary collaboration, social engagement and value driven innovation to help co-create a more sustainable world. [ Read more ] Through the Walker Experience, the coordination of experiential learning opportunities for business students at Appalachian, students apply what they learn in the classroom to real-world problems in industry, the community and society. Leveraging these experiences — internships, global competitions, consulting projects and more — our graduates find that studying business at Appalachian has given them the practice needed to quickly achieve career success. The college is continuously refining the Walker Experience, helping students build a personal competitive advantage while at Appalachian.


Blueprint, an environment of learning by doing, is the foundation of the Walker Experience. Customized by program area and personalized by faculty members, the Blueprint provides a baseline for deeper learning as a student travels through the Walker College.

Biz + Talks

Walker Biz is the opportunity for students to hear firsthand, on campus, from industry representatives, community leaders and innovators across a wide variety of backgrounds. Walker Talks are an ongoing series of conversations between students, faculty and industry experts providing exposure to real-world issues and the people affecting them.


Marketplace is student-led, hands-on business experience. One example is Beans 2 Brew, a non-profit coffee shop in Peacock Hall with 17 team members, more than 100 volunteers and tens of thousands of dollars in annual sales.


Consult is faculty-led student teams tackling real-world business issues on three levels: on-campus, local business and socially. This program engages students to evaluate real business problems and develop recommended solutions to clients.