Action Plan

Call to Action

Racism, inequality, injustice. These issues have plagued society for centuries. Dismantling a broken system and righting injustice is a “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” if there ever was one. As daunting as it may seem, society can change. Our country must change. And in the Walker College of Business, we commit that we will be change makers. 

While we don’t have all the answers to these complex issues, and we may make mistakes, we are committed to action that both moves us forward now and guides our course for the future. The Walker College’s Inclusive Excellence Team is working to set this course, and we want your input. Please join us in developing the action plan that the college will take toward ending systemic racism and injustice, both embedded within our institution and society at large. Make note of these dates as you join us in this process. 

As we train business leaders for success in their field, we aspire to also empower them to be a positive force for change. Working together in our communities, we will build a better world. Let’s get moving!

Action Plan Timeline


  • August 14: Review the first draft of the college’s action plan and submit feedback.

  • August 20: Attend a Town Hall Zoom to discuss feedback (or offer additional feedback) on the draft action plan. This date was chosen to allow all students and faculty to return to campus and provide feedback before the final plan is posted.

  • September 4: Official Action Plan posted.


  • September 2020  - Implement action plan.

Assess Impact

  • TBD - Town Hall Meetings to discuss plan impact and related issues (1x per semester).

  • May 2021: IE team assesses IE Action Plan Impact .

  • June 2021: Annual Inclusive Excellence Impact Report posted for review.

Submit Input

Email your suggestions and input to with the subject line "'Matter' is not enough".

Or, to remain anonymous, complete this anonymous input webform

Input received before July 15 will inform our first draft. Later input will be considered for the final draft or for future iterations of the action plan.