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Our MBA program attracts potential students who are seeking to enhance their future, chosen, or existing career path. Our program offers attention to the individual and the required guidance to acquire a personal and unique experience. The flexibility in our program allows each student to receive the best educational experience possible. At Appalachian State University we focus on the individual contribution while encouraging a team-oriented structure preparing each student for successful future careers.

Program Duration

On-Campus Program: The MBA is offered in a compressed time frame allowing the student to complete the program in one year from their start date by going full-time year round and taking summer classes and/or internships. We also offer rolling admission so you can start your program in the Fall, Spring, or Summer.

Off-Campus Program: Off-Campus students in Hickory go part-time year round with classes two nights a week and generally finish in two years.

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Certificates and Dual Degrees

Graduate students are encouraged to explore all of the educational opportunities within the School of Graduate Studies. Many students choose to do a Dual-Degree program expanding their specialization into multiple areas.

MBA candidates may exercise an interest in multiple academic disciplines, and earn two master's degrees while at Appalachian. 50% of credit hours in the lesser program may be double counted, with approval from both program directors and the Graduate School.

Students have jointly enrolled in the MBA program with the departments of Higher Education, Appropriate Technology, Professional Science, Music, Physics, and Criminal Justice. More programs are possible, allowing students to earn both business and technical training.

The Graduate School has a list of all Master's Degree Programs, Specialist and Doctoral Degree Programs, and Graduate Certificates (Non-Degree Programs). Learn more.

Program Requirements

Prerequisite Courses

Certain students may not have completed prerequisite courses in their undergraduate study that are required for several MBA courses. Students have a variety of resources available to assist with completing those courses. Students will have access to online software and course materials on each topic. Contact the the MBA program at to get more information about Prerequisite Courses. The 6 courses having prerequisite requirements are accounting, finance, economics, management, marketing, and statistics.

International Experience

Every student is required to complete an international experience. It is within the Program's goals to provide students with the necessary knowledge to conduct business in a diverse, global environment. 
Upcoming trips

Additionally, the college maintains partnerships with universities across the globe and continues to expand groundbreaking opportunities in emerging markets.

Practicum and Internship

Students who do a Practicum will have to complete a relevant number of coursework hours which will provide them the opportunity to work with businesses in the local community. Credit hours will be focused on the student's last semester of the program but can be spread out over more than one semester on a case by case basis. The guideline for coursework hours is 150 for 3 credit hours.  Students also have the option to do a formal internship which is also a 3 credit hour course, but requires 300 hours of work.
 *Students who are able to fulfill the Career Waiver requirement of adequate industry experience will not have to complete a practicum or internship.

Executive Skills

Executive Skills is a course designed to help students aquire the necessary professional skills that may not be taught in the classroom. This course is designed to help the student develop important business skills, such as resume-building, interviewing, networking and self-promotion. Students will be required to enroll in Executive Skills (MBA 5820) each semester while enrolled full-time in the MBA Program (taking 9 or more MBA hours). Part-time and dual degree students need to complete this class a minimum of 3 times, including their final semester.

Dress Code

Current MBA students are expected to wear business casual clothing for all official MBA activities or other appropriate attire for specific events. Dress code requirements