WCOB International Award Nomination

Thank you for taking the time to nominate someone for a Walker College of Business International Award. By filling out this form, you will be automatically entered into a drawing for a prize. Please submit all nominations by October 18th.

Inspiring International Leaders
The "Inspiring International Leaders Award" recognizes success in inspiring students to pursue meaningful international experiences and develop a global mindset. Please explain why your nominee should be recognized with the Inspiring International Leaders Award. The committee is considering: 1) Research with a global focus 2) Globally-minded service and outreach 3) Outstanding teaching with global content 4) Offering opportunities for students through faculty-led programs or globally-minded civic engagement opportunities 5) Other evidence of a global perspective
Outstanding Faculty-led Program Leader
The "Outstanding Faculty-led Program Leader Award" recognizes leaders with outstanding knowledge, leadership,and global mindset. Please provide examples in your nomination: 1) Evidence of an in-depth knowledge of the country visited. 2) Providing opportunities for in-depth interaction with colleagues and others in your host country. 3) Outstanding pre-program cultural/area-specific academic preparation. 4) Unique program design and activities. 5) An exceptionally positive attitude. 6) Exceptional organizational and logistical skills. 7) Effective post-program reflection.
Faculty-led MVP Award
The "Faculty-led Program Most Valuable Participant Award" is given in recognition of outstanding leadership, maturity, global perspective, intercultural communication and/or engagement during international travel. Please share why you have chosen this student for recognition.
Global Citizen Award
The "Global Citizen Award" is given in recognition of establishing meaningful connections with the international community beyond the classroom while abroad and/or here on campus. The award committee will consider evidence of a global mindset as show through: volunteer activities, community service, informal interactions with international/diverse community members. Length of time abroad, location and other evidence of pushing beyond one's comfort zone will also be considered.
Outstanding International Business Major Award
The "Outstanding International Business Major Award" is given in recognition of exemplary academic success and international engagement.
Outstanding International Business Minor Award
The "Outstanding International Business Minor Award" is given in recognition of exemplary academic success and international engagement.