Course Information


  • The business honors program consists of three core honors business courses and three one-hour thesis courses. Generally, students will have completed two core honors business courses in their junior year, and one core honors course in their senior year. The three one-hour thesis/creative works courses are generally taken in the first three semesters upon joining the honors program. A sample honors course schedule would look like:
  • Fall Semester Junior Year: 
    • Principles of Marketing (MKT 3050.410) 
    • Junior Honors Prep (BUS 3547.410)
  • Spring Semester Junior Year: 
    • Production and Operations Management (SCM 3650.410)
    • Junior Honors Experience (BUS 3548.410)
  • Fall Semester Senior Year: 
    • Strategic Management (MGT 4750.410)
  • Fall or Spring Semester Senior Year: 
    • Senior Honors Experience (BUS 4548.410)
  • Other courses can be contracted as Honors courses on a case-by-case basis. See Course Contract Application