Selection & Course Information


  • Applications are by Invitation only. You will receive an email from WCOB Honors in the spring semester inviting you to complete the Honors application (Use the online form).
  • If selected, you are invited to meet with the honors committee, faculty, and other selected students. This will serve as an informational meeting with the director to discuss scheduling of honors courses and honors requirements.


  • The WCOB Honors program consists of completing 3 core business classes with the honors designation of section 410 and 3 one-hour thesis courses.
  • By Spring Semester of your junior year, you will want to try to have completed all the core courses so that you can take MGT 4750 during Fall Semester of senior year
  • Course available in the Fall semester: MKT 3050-410 and MGT 4750-410 (will take in Fall of Senior year)
  • Course available in the Spring semester: SCM 3650-410.
  • An honors (410) section of ECO 2200 is being offered during Spring, 2020 to students by invitation only. ECO 2200 is not a required WCOB Honors course, but students who are  invited and take ECO 2200-410 will get a first glimpse of the honors discovery and research process within this class section and will be given preference for inclusion in the 2020-21 WCOB Honors program cohort.
  • Other courses can be contracted as an Honors courses on a case-by-case basis, as needed.