Honors Program FAQs

  1. Why join the WCOB Honors program?
    The program offers smaller classes, opportunity to develop stronger relationships with teachers and other honors students, special recognition at graduation and on transcript, the ability to create new knowledge through the thesis project, and stand out to employers during your job search.
  2. What class can I get credit for?  
    All of the classes that are core classes and have section of 410.  You may also receive credit for one of either FIN 4620 or FIN 4622, for Bowden group.  BUS 4530 for Holland Fellows may also receive credit for the class, but not for the trip.  There are also limited seats available for WCOB Honors students in HON 2515 and 3515 courses for credit. 
  3. Can I contract a course to receive WCOB Honors credit?  
    Contracts can be worked out for specific classes if a student cannot fit Honors classes into their schedule.  This must be negotiated with the faculty member as well as signed by the Honors Director. Click here for the Course Contract Application
  4. Is there a GPA requirement?  
    The student must have a cumulative 3.4 GPA for consideration to join the prgoram.  They must also maintain the cumulative 3.4 GPA to remain in the program. Students must also maintain a minimum GPA of 3.4 in each Honors class as well.
  5. Are thesis and honors courses available during the summer?  
    Honors classes are not available in the summer.  You may, however, work on on your thesis in the summer and register for last 2 thesis hours in fall semester.  
  6. What will the thesis courses count toward?  
    The thesis is applied to the highest level elective needing hours.  In order, that would be major elective, WCOB elective, and free elective.

If you have further questions please email them to cobhonors@appstate.edu