Honors Program FAQs

  1.  Why join the WCOB Honors program?
    Although the WCOB Honors program does include special recognition at graduation and on your transcript, these are not the only or even the most important benefits of participation in the WCOB Honors program. As a WCOB Honors student, you will have access to smaller classes, the opportunity to develop mentoring relationships with instructors you select, and bond with other honors students. You will engage in your own unique discovery and learning process.
  2.  How do I apply for the WCOB Honors program?
    Applications are by invitation only. If you are a sophomore and meet the minimum credit hours (45) and GPA requirements for eligibility, you should receive an email from WCOB Honors in the spring semester inviting you to complete the Honors application (online form). If you think you meet the eligibility requirements but have not been invited to apply for the program by March 1st, please contact Dr. Leon at leonsm@appstate.edu.
  3.  When in my college career does the WCOB Honors program begin?
    During the spring semester of each academic year, a new cohort of WCOB Honors students is selected. The program runs during your junior and senior years. Sophomores who have successfully completed at least 45 credit hours but have not yet taken their junior and senior WCOB core courses by the start of fall semester are in a strong position to get the most benefit out of the WCOB Honors experience.
  4.  Is there a GPA requirement?
    You must have a cumulative 3.4 GPA for consideration to join the program, and you must also maintain the 3.4 GPA, both cumulatively and across your WCOB Honors coursework to remain in the program.
  5. What courses are part of the WCOB Honors program?
    Generally, you are required to take the core WCOB courses that have a “410” section with your WCOB Honors cohort rather than sit in a regular section of the course.
  6.  Can I contract a course to receive WCOB Honors credit?
    Contracts can be worked out for specific classes if a student cannot fit Honors classes into their schedule. This must be negotiated with the faculty member as well as signed by the Honors Director. Click here for the Course Contract Application.
  7. Are thesis and honors courses available during the summer?
    Honors classes are not available in the summer. You may, however, work on your thesis / creative work in the summer and register for the last 2 thesis hours in fall semester.
  8. What will the thesis courses count toward?
    Thesis courses are applied to the highest-level elective needing hours completed. In descending order, that would be major elective, WCOB elective, then free elective. Three credits are eligible for elective credit.

If you have further questions please email them to Dr. Leon at leonsm@appstate.edu.