Walker College Honors Thesis/Project

The Business Honors Thesis

The objective of the honors thesis is to engage a student and a faculty member on a project that is of mutual interest. The business thesis is composed of three one-hour classes culminating in the presentation of the thesis during the senior year. Thesis courses are graded A/F; the grade is determined by the thesis director. 

All new honors students should register for the first thesis class in their major (ex: ACC 3510) during the first semester in the program. The second and third thesis courses should be completed with your thesis director in the following two semesters. Ideally, the thesis is completed and defended during the fall semester of the senior year so that you may focus on employment or graduate school applications during the spring semester.

Getting Started

Use this list of honors theses topics and directors to begin generating ideas for thesis topics. It may also be used to determine faculty members who may wish to serve as your thesis director or second reader by topics of interest.

Thesis Components

  • Title Page: Each thesis copy submitted for binding must include an original title page arranged as in the example with all pertinent information and required signatures. Students are responsible for obtaining the signatures from thesis director (and second reader and University Honors Coordinator if appropriate) and WCOB Honors Director. Students completing a business honors thesis only should not include a line for the director of the University Honors College to sign; only dual honors students will need the additional signature. University Honors College students should refer to the university honors website for further instructions. The digital copy for inclusion in NC Docks need to be signed. 
  • Abstract: Your thesis must include an abstract, which will become part of a digital archive of theses abstracts on the NC Docks website
  • Digital Copy: One digital copy of the thesis in a physical format (Labeled USB) must also be submitted. The thesis must be in a single PDF format. The abstract must be in a format that can be copied for downloading to the website (i.e. Word document).
  • Special Enclosures: If materials such as maps, CDs, or media need inclusion, please include them with directions for including these items as special enclosures in the binding process. Special enclosures must accompany each thesis copy submitted for binding. If using an Excel file as part of the thesis project, it is suggested that you print out the Excel file in the best way possible to allow the reader to understand the spreadsheet.  It is important to include this with the digital copy of your thesis, as you want those reading the thesis to understand the research.
  • An acknowledgements section is not required, but may be included if you wish.

Formatting and Printing


  • The thesis must have 1-inch margins on all sides, and a 1.25-inch margin on the left side to allow for proper binding. Charts, graphs, photographs or other illustrations to be included must also follow these margin requirements.
  • All text must be double-spaced unless specific formatting rules dictate otherwise. Print only on one side; double sided printing will not be accepted.

Printing and Binding

  • All thesis copies submitted for binding must be printed on at least 25% cotton bond paper. Appalachian watermark paper is recommended and may be purchased at the campus bookstore or from the business honors program office.
  • Each copy submitted for binding must be placed in an individual clasp envelope (9x12 or 10x13) with your name appearing in the top right corner of the envelope. Copies that have binder clips, staples, or any other method of containment other than the envelope will not be accepted.
  • The college will pay for the printing and binding of one copy. Students may purchase additional personal bound copies. Students may print and pay for any additional copies. See the Thesis Payment Form for payment requirements.
  • On the thesis defense day, a minimum of one printed and bound copy is required for the business honors program director (to be paid by the WCOB) and one digital copy for the Appalachian State University library. Before an honors thesis is accepted for binding, the thesis title page must be approved and signed. Signature pages are left blank for digital copies.