International Scholarships

Study Abroad Scholarships

Scholarships for undergraduate and graduate* business students participating in study abroad or international internships for credit range from $200 to $2,000.  A limited number of Anne Cannon Memorial Trust Full-Ride Scholarships - covering the full study abroad program cost(up to $5000) and twp $3000 Oslo Internatinal Travel scholarships per year - are available for high need, high performing applicants. Students will be considered for all of the scholarships for which they are eligible.

All applicants must participate in the stated international experience in order to receive any awarded funds. Awardees will need to complete their program application and pay their deposit within 30 days of first scholarship notification or by program registration deadline(whichever comes first).

Application deadlines are as follows and can be applied to any for-credit semester/year abroad, international internship, or UPCOMING, OPEN, APPROVED & ADVERTISED Walker College of Business Faculty-led Program. For faculty-led programs, make sure to concurrently contact the program leader and fill out the faculty-led program application through the Office of International Education and Development as programs may fill and close before the scholarship deadline.

For Programs During

Application Opens 

Application Deadline

Notification By

Dec 2021 through Dec 2022

August 1

September 1, 2021

September 15

Dec 2021 through Dec 2022

October 1

November 1, 2021

November 15

May 2022 through May 2023

January 1

February 1, 2022

February 15


Graduate Students*

If you are a graduate business student,  please reach out to the WCOB Graduate Programs office regarding your interest in studying abroad before you submit your application. MBA students, please contact Donna Lindabury at


Access the on-line study abroad scholarship application here.  Please note - The International/Study Abroad scholarships require a separate application, different from the overall Walker College of Business scholarship application process.


Al and Jackie Harris Study Abroad Endowed Scholarship

  • Student must participate in WCOB study abroad program
  • Preference given to student with financial need

Allen Study Abroad Scholarship

  • 3.0 minimum GPA
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Preference given to entrepreneurship programs
  • Must be a current or intended COB major

Anne Cannon Trust International Travel Scholarship

  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Must be a current or intended COB major

Bryan and Billie Toney Study Abroad Scholarship

  • Must demonstrate financial need
  • 3.0 minimum GPA
  • Preference given to trips emphasizing entrepreneurship programs
  • For Fall or Spring Study Abroad programs

Bullock/Sparks/Vassallo Explore Yosef WCOB Study Abroad Scholarship

  • Must be traveling to a developing country
  • Demonstrate financial need

Dr. Alice Roess Scholarship for Business

  • Student must participate in WCOB Study Abroad program

First Citizens International Endowed Scholarship

  • 2.5 minimum GPA
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Must be a legal NC resident
  • Extra-curricular activities considered
  • Must be a current or intended COB major

Barrick Holden World Traveler

  • 3.0 minimum GPA
  • Must be a current or intended COB major
  • Preference for sustainability-focused programs.

Howard Coble Scholarship for International Travel

  • Must be a current or intended COB major

Oslo International Travel Scholarship 

  •  2.75 minimum GPA
  • Two $3000 scholarships awarded annually
  • Must be a current or intended COB major
  • Must participate in a WCOB short-term faculty-led program
  • Demonstrate financial need