#WalkerAbroad Photo Contest Winners

The Walker College of Business hosts the #WalkerAbroad photo contest each semester. Study abroad participants are encouraged to submit a spectacular photo, and follow us on InstagramView Contest Rules

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Fall 2023

1st Place

Erika Hess - Sahara Desert, Morocco

2nd Place

Shea Raiola - London, United Kingdom

3rd Place

Gabriel Braca - Mdina, Malta

Spring 2020

1st Place

Julia Fowler, Marketing major - Italy Marching with Pride, Siena Italy

2nd Place

Claire Bagwell, MBA - Way of Life This image was captured on the Malećon in Havana, Cuba

3rd Place

Susie McKeon, Marketing,  Majestic Mountains, Germany

4th Place

Jeffry Hardy, MBA - Old Car in an Old City, Havana, Cuba

People's Choice Award

Megan Temple, Marketing - Grote Markt, Nijmegen, Netherlands

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Spring 2019

1st Place


Window to The Wall by Amanda Erwin
Location: Beijing, China

2nd Place


Havana, Cuba by Ty Stobbe
Location: Havana, Cuba

3rd Place


Buddha Head by Noah Watts
Location: Thailand 

People's Choice Award


The Great Wall of China by Abigail Radford
Location: Beijing, China

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Spring 2018

1st PlaceForte di Bard, Valle d'Aosta, Italia

Alps Trip by Isaac Church
Location: Forte di Bard, Valle d'Aosta, Italia

2nd Place

Þorvaldseyri, Iceland

Þorvaldseyri, Iceland by Emily Turner
Location: Þorvaldseyri, Iceland

3rd Place

Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre by Lindsay Froman
Location: Cinque Terre, Italy

People's Choice Award

View from a Hotel Window

View from a Hotel Window by Issac Church
Location: Kraków, Poland

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Spring 2017

 Maira Compagnone

1st Place: Sunset on the Malecon, Maira Compagnone

Location: Cuba, WCOB Spring Faculty-led Program

"'Sunset on the Malecon' features restored classic cars driving along the Malecón, the most famous avenue of Centro Habana, where the whole city congregates to meet and socialize in the fresh sea air." - Maira Compagnone

Alia DahlanAnna Miller

2nd Place: Aoraki, Alia Dahlan

Honorable Mention: Skógafoss, Anna Miller

Location: New Zealand, Spring Semester in Australia

"Mount Cook, or Aoraki in the Maori language is located in the Southern Island of New Zealand. The area is popular with climbers and in fact, Sir Edmund Hillary trained on this mountain before climbing Mount Everest. Avalanches and other forms of erosion occur regularly at Mount Cook because it is located on a fault line." - Alia Dahlan

Location: Iceland, WCOB Spring Faculty-led Program

"I took this photo at Skógafoss waterfall in Iceland. I knew the rainbow was there just for us to see because it appeared as soon as we got there and just as we were leaving it went away. It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever been lucky enough to see. I took that photo on Saint Patrick's day! I wasn't wearing my green, but I did make it to the end of a rainbow. - Anna Miller

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Fall 2020

1st Place

Puesta de sol en el Malecón by Rebekah Saylors, MBA, Havana, Cuba.

2nd Place

Red roofs as far as the eye can see in Portugal by Reegan O'Connor, International Business, ISA Salamanca, Spain.

3rd Place

Panoramic views of medieval Toledo by Reegan O'Connor, International Business, ISA Salamanca, Spain.

People's Choice Award

Sunny Days in Sevilla by Reegan O'Connor, International Business, ISA Salamanca, Spain.

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Fall 2019

1st Place


Endless Lanterns by Sonoma Dixon
Location: Tokyo, Japan

2nd Place


Myanmar Sunset by Sonoma Dixon
Location: Old Bagan, Myanmar

3rd Place


Happy Camels Resting on the Beach by Nancy Saldana
Location: Asilah, Morocco

4th Place


The Beautiful Canals of Venice by Jasmine Uresti
Location: Venice, Italy

People's Choice Award


Tea Plantation by Vanessa Arellano
Location: Munnar, India

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Fall 2018

1st Place

Fall 2018 1st Place

Temple of Heaven by Jesse Chen
Location: Beijing, China

2nd Place

Fall 2018 2nd Place

Tianjin's "The Eye" Library by Merton Chen
Location: Beijing, China


3rd Place (TIE)

Fall 2018 3rd Place (#1)

Glacier by Vanessa Gomez
Location: Chile

Fall 2018 3rd Place (#2)

Desert Mountains by Vanessa Gomez
Location: Chile


People's Choice Award

Fall 2018 People's Choice Award

Temple of Heaven by Jesse Chen
Location: Beijing, China

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Fall 2017

 First Place

1st Place: Bullfight in Seville, Lindsay Frohman

Location: Seville, Spain

Second PlaceThird Place (Tie)

2nd Place: The River Brings Good Luck, Matt Zothner

3rd Place (Tie): Dinner and a View, Nate Breneman

Location: Leaping Tiger Rorge, Lijiang, China

Location: Moselle River, Germany

Third Place (Tie)

 Audience Choice Award

3rd Place (Tie): Sunset Alleyway, Jacob Parlier


Audience Choice: Oh the places these things take me, Chris Miller

Location: Madrid, Spain Location: China

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