Doing Business in Thailand - FULL

Program Dates
Friday, January 5, 2018 to Sunday, January 14, 2018

This course will focus on the complete supply chain “cradle to grave” within the context of the tourism industry.  Working in coordination with Burapha University, we will explore tourism industry in Thailand. The goal is to go well beyond providing a contextual knowledge of a tourism supply chain by providing extensive opportunities for experiential learning.  Before the 10-day trip, students will first study international supply chain strategies of a global hospitality brand company (e.g. Hilton, Marriott, Intercontinental) and then visit its international hotel chains in Thailand to learn about how the global brand implements its marketing strategies. During the trip, students will stay and visit international hotels in Bangkok and Pattaya to learn about their global sourcing practices. During company visits, students will discuss with supply chain managers at those companies and learn about challenges and opportunities of being the major supplier of leading hotel chains. In addition, students will meet with distributors to learn about issues associated with global supply chain logistics in the tourism industry. After the trip, student groups will be asked to present their findings on global supply chains of the tourism industry in Thailand. For more information, click here for program website. For a full description and application instructions, visit OIED's on-line program brochure.

Courses and Credits

U: SCM 3690 Global Supply Chain Logistics - 3 credits (3000-level Pre-reqs: 54 earned hours and good academic standing. Students who do not have the minimum hour requirement cannot take this course at the 3000-level and should inform the program leader of this situation before applying.)

  • Fulfills Global Issues requirement
  • SCM major or minor required course
  • COB upper-level or free elective
  • IB major or approved elective
  • IB minor required or other elective
  • HOS elective

G: MBA 5020 MBA International Experience - 3 credits


Billable Program Cost: $3975.00
Includes: airfare, in-country program transportation, lodging, international health and evacuation insurance, program events, some meals, and CCS administrative fee.

Estimated Additional Student Cost: $350.00
Estimated costs include but are not limited to: immunizations, personal expenses, and additional meals. 

Program Leader

Dr. Charlie Chen
College of Business

Dr. Chen has more than 12 years of international travel and teaching experiences with student groups in China, Japan, Taiwan and Spain. He is dedicated to growing students into future global business leaders in those countries via exciting, educational, and exhilarating study abroad learning experiences. Programs led by Dr. Chen offer students a rich study abroad experience that will last a lifetime. Contact Dr. Chen for the upcoming 2016 study abroad trip to Thailand. 

Kim Kirby
College of Business

When Kim was a student in 2006, she participated in the month long study abroad trip with Dr. Mark Pruitt to Scandinavia. During this trip, they visited Norway, Sweden, Finland & Iceland. Such an amazing experience! In 2008, when she was an MBA Student, Kim went to China with the MBA Program. They visited Beijing, Nanjing, Suzjo, Shanghai and Hong Kong.  In 2015, Kim assisted Dr. Harris as the co-leader for the China trip, taking 16 students to Beijing, Ixan and Shanghai. The thing that was really neat about this experience is that usually, on trips like these, you have different groups of students break out and do their own thing from time to time. All 16 students got along so well that they did everything together. They did not want to separate. Kim was amazed by that. Dr. Harris commented that it was the best group he had ever taken abroad. 

Students not eligible for this program who want to participate should contact the program leader to ask if accommodations can be made.
Eligible Groups: 
Undergraduate business majors
MBA students