JAPAN AND TAIWAN - BUS3533: Doing Business in Asia: Japan and Taiwan

Program Dates
Saturday, May 11, 2013 to Monday, May 20, 2013

Course Description: This course aims to educate students about doing business in Japan and Taiwan. The objective of this course is to develop a cross-cultural skill set for improving daily communications with Asian business professionals and students in face-to-face and long-distance contexts. Seminars provide an overview of the international challenges and opportunities associated with doing business in a global context, outside the US domestic market, and specifically in Japan and Taiwan. In particular, we will focus on developing a practical introduction to and working knowledge of the business environment within both countries. You will learn practical communication tools and develop a range of effective interpersonal strategies for communication with the focus on business and social etiquette, attitudes towards time, negotiating practices, relationship building, leadership, motivation and team building.


  • Witness the economic strength and social vitality of Japan & Taiwan
  • Visit international firms operating in Asia
  • Network with top executives to explore international internship opportunities
  • Build international friendships with local students via academic and social activities
  • Tour major attractions in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Taipei
  • Develop keen skills and knowledge to conduct business in Japan and Taiwan

Credit Hours: 3 Hours

Cost: $3,920, includes airfare, lodging, local transportation, breakfasts, group activities, and some meals.

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