JAPAN/TAIWAN - BUS 3531/SCM 3690 Doing Business in Japan & Taiwan

Program Dates
Thursday, March 6, 2014 to Saturday, March 15, 2014

The focus of this program is on developing expertise on business and culture in Asia in general and Taiwan in particular. Taiwan has been a miracle economy in Asia over the past decades. Taiwan and its small- and medium- sized enterprises overcame increased international pressure, and transformed their labor-intensive industries into capital and technology-intensive industries. Electronics and information technology have evolved into the mainstay of industry, accounting for nearly 27% of total GDP. Taiwan's economic and political ties with China are further challenging the transformation capability of Taiwan. Examining the economy will provide a priceless lesson on doing international business in Taiwan and other parts of Asia.

If you would like more programmatic information not included in this standardized description, please contact the program leaders directly.

Courses: BUS3533 Doing Business in Japan & Taiwan

Credit: This is a 3 credit-hour course and may count toward an elective in all business majors. For non-business majors, please consult with your adviser with regard to the possibility of using this course as an elective toward your major.

Cost: $3150 (No additional cost for tuition if you are a full-time student in the Spring)