PANAMA - MGT 3542: Entrepreneurship and Opportunity in Panama

Program Dates
Friday, March 7, 2014 to Sunday, March 16, 2014

This course highlights the importance of traditional and social entrepreneurial activity to economies in Latin America and, specifically, Panama, while focusing also on often overlooked examples of local ingenuity and innovation. Panama is the second largest Free Trade Zone in the world and its economy is growing at the fastest rate in the Americas. Yet, roughly 1/3 of the population lives in poverty. This course helps develop an understanding of the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship in Panama. Students will visit Panama City - the banking capital of Central America, Boquette - a rapidly developing eco-tourism destination, and Bocas Del Toro - an example of both the thriving economy and the social problems underlying it. More information available at:

Pre-reqs: none

Credits: 3 semester hours. This course can count as a MGT-ent elective (only one faculty-led study abroad can count toward MGT-ent electives), an IB elective of any kind, a HOS elective, a COB or UL elective and fulfills the Global Issues requirement.

Cost: $2,170 includes airfare