Taiwan and China - Entrepreneurship Study Abroad

Program Dates
Wednesday, May 17, 2017 to Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Chinese Buildings on Water

Program Description

The focus of this program is international entrepreneurship. We will visit new ventures and collaborate on projects with Chinese students in Wenzhou (the most entrepreneurial city in China), Shanghai and Taipei. Internship opportunities may be provided by the new ventures we will visit.


U: ENT 3600 Entrepreneurship Study Abroad - 3 credits

U: ENT 3190  International Entrepreneurship - 3 credits


Students may choose to enroll in either ENT 3600 or ENT 3190 for a total of 3 credit hours.

ENT 3600 fulfills Advanced Entrepreneurship Experiential elective or MGT major set 1 or 2 elective credit.

ENT 3190 fulfills Advanced Entrepreneurship concentration elective, Entrepreneurial Studies minor elective or MGT major set 1 or 2 elective. 

Either one fulfills IB major/approved/required or other elective credit, HOS elective credit, COB or upper-level elective credit. Fulfills the Global Issues requirement.


3000-level Pre-reqs: 54 earned hours and good academic standing. Students who do not have the minimum hour requirement cannot take this course at the 3000-level and should inform the program leader of this situation before applying.


Billable Program Cost: $3,556.00 Includes: Airfare, In-country Program Transportation, Lodging, International Health and Evacuation Insurance, Program Events, Some Meals, and CCS Administrative Fee.

Estimated Additional Student Cost: $440.00 Estimated costs include but are not limited to: Immunizations, Personal Expenses, and additional meals. 

Program Leader

Dr. Dan Hsu
College of Business

Students not eligible for this program who want to participate should contact the program leader to ask if accommodations can be made.
Eligible Groups: 
Appalachian undergraduates
Undergraduate business majors