TAIWAN - BUS 3533/SCM 3690 Doing Business in Taiwan (This program is FULL)

Program Dates
Friday, March 6, 2015 to Sunday, March 15, 2015

The program will focus on the complete supply chain “cradle to grave” within the context of the information technology (IT) industry. Working in coordination with major suppliers of many popular IT products (e.g. iPhone, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, and Amazon’s Kindle Fire), student participants will explore the world of information technology. Students will learn to understand challenges and opportunities for global supply chain management for information technology products.

If you would like more programmatic information not included in this standardized description, please contact the program leader directly.

Courses: BUS 3533 Doing Business in Taiwan/ SCM 3690 Global Supply Chain in Taiwan

Credit: 3 sh. This is an SCM minor required course and fulfills IB major/approved/required or other elective credit, HOS elective credit and COB or UL elective credit. The Global Issues Requirement is fulfilled by this program. For non-business majors, please consult with your adviser with regard to the possibility of using this course as an elective toward your major.

Cost: $3150 (No additional cost for tuition if you are a full-time student in the spring)