Dean's Club

Walker College of Business Dean's Club

The Walker College Dean’s Club is an annual giving society designed to benefit our students and faculty while enhancing our academic programs. Contributions from Dean’s Club members provide unrestricted support each year for critical needs in the college such as: student scholarships, travel funds for faculty and students to attend course-related conferences and/or visits to corporations, seed money for new programs or opportunities within the college, and resources to bring guest lecturers, such as leaders in business and government, to the classroom.

Meet Boris Maldonado, a Dean's Club Scholarship Recipient

In his own words, Boris Salvador Maldonado, a recent Dean's Club Scholarship Recipient, hopes to show his gratitude towards the donors who have made his academic journey possible. To read Boris' full story, click here.

Join the Dean's Club Today

There are four levels of membership, based on giving level.

  • Elite - $10,000+
  • Fellow - $5,000 to $9,999
  • Roundtable - $2,500 to $4,999
  • Associate - $1,000 to $2,499

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To join, contact Walker College of Business Director of Development Will Sears at 828.262.6231,, or ASU Box 32037, Boone, NC 28608-2037. Or make a gift online using a credit card.


How does this help our students and faculty?

  • $500 funds a corporate visit for a student group of 15.
  • $1,000 provides a scholarship for a deserving student toward his/her annual in-state tuition and fees.
  • $1,706 funds travel, lodging and registration fees for a faculty member to attend a professional conference.
  • $2,600 recently provided funds for travel and lodging for a four-day trip by ten students and two faculty members in the Investment Management Class to NYC, including visits to Wall Street, the Stock Exchange and key investment firms.
  • $5,000 provides seed money to develop a new international study program.


In return for their generosity, Dean’s Club members may receive:

  • Invitation for indoor seating at an Appalachian home football game, beginning in 2009.
  • Credit toward membership in Appalachian's Chancellor's Society, which offers free parking on campus.
  • Invitations to numerous college receptions and activities, including CEO lectures and chancellor events.
  • A gift of our appreciation for each year of membership and personal communication from the office of the dean.


2013-14 Dean’s Club members:

Elite Level

  • Judy and Winfield Beroth
  • Broyhill Family Foundation
  • Kris and Marshall Croom
  • Jane and Brad Fisher
  • Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP
  • Karyn and Dieter Herterich
  • Tommy Hudspeth
  • Deanna and Scott Lampe
  • Maymead
  • Beth G. Monaghan
  • Caroline and Wiley Roark


  • Eddie Sams
  • Tracy and Kenan Smith
  • Cathy and Mike Steinback
  • Cathy and Dave Thompson
  • Joe Towell
  • Frankie Willis

Fellow Level

  • Allison and Walker Abney
  • Edward Boyles
  • Karen and Jim Burr
  • Jack Elledge
  • Mary Bost and Michael Gray
  • Susan and Bob Hambright
  • Angela and David Harrison
  • Peggy and Jim Morgan


  • Lisa and Phil Ostwalt
  • Betsy and Frank Skidmore
  • Mark Trivette

Roundtable Level

  • Janet and Michael Brown
  • Melinda and Tom Cook
  • Jodie and Benjamin Hamrick
  • Helen and Kirk Hollifield
  • Dorothy and Curt Holmes
  • Liz and Jeff Mick


  • Jennifer and Donald McNeill
  • Emily and Joe Piacentino
  • Kathy Oszmianski Pou

Associate Level

  • Leslie and Cantey Alexander
  • Christy and Lee Barnes
  • Sandy and Ralph Barnhardt
  • Wendy and Roger Beahm
  • Anne and Alex Bernhardt
  • Kruti and Ryan Bolick
  • Kim and Brad Bostick
  • Debbie and Summie Carter
  • Jean and Gene Cochrane
  • James Connors
  • Fairley Bell Cook and Daniel Cook
  • Katherine and Dennis Covington
  • Laura and Rob Crandall
  • Lisa and Harry Davis
  • Pam and Leigh Dunston
  • Margaret and Randy Edwards
  • Liu Fang and Al Ernest
  • LaVonda and Mark Everhart
  • Pam and David Ferrell
  • Brandon Flinchum


  • Richard Finlay
  • Natalie and Joe Freeman
  • Meredith and John Garwood
  • Linda and Frank Gentry
  • Diane and Delbert Goff
  • Bruce Greenland
  • Tracy and Bill Hull
  • Karen and Keith Holland
  • Helen and Kirk Hollifield
  • Teresa and Doug Johnson
  • Jarrod Johnston
  • Cheryl and Keith Kiser
  • Katie and Jerod Lenderman
  • Amy and Jefferey Lewis
  • Linda Matney
  • Nedra and Roy McCraw
  • Lynn and Chris McNeil
  • Dawn Medlin
  • Beth and Charlie Murray
  • Heather and Rob Norris


  • Kay Norwood
  • Paula nad Ricky Presnell
  • Kay and Kim Price
  • Ruth and Ken Reece
  • David C. Reynolds
  • Benjamin Ripple
  • Tracey and John Roos
  • Tiffani and John Silvia
  • Carol and Allan Singer
  • Gerry Smith and David Syfert
  • Sandi Solomon
  • Richard Sparks
  • Margaret and Gregory Taylor
  • Jennifer and Carl Thompson
  • Paul Thompson
  • Mitzi and Jason Triplett
  • Jill Sparks and Adrian Vassallo
  • Megan and David Vogler, Jr.
  • Joy and Hunter Widener
  • Louise and Art Yergey