Alumni Awards

Honoring the Best of Appalachian

Each year the Appalachian Alumni Association recognizes outstanding alumni and friends for their service to the university and accomplishments in their careers. The awards are presented annually at an Alumni Awards Ceremony, and Walker College of Business graduates are often recognized. Videos below feature some of the college's past winners, and complete lists of recipients can be viewed online:

For more details or to submit a nomination, visit the alumni affairs awards site.

2023 Young Alumna

2023 Distinguished Alumnus

2023 Outstanding Service

2019 Outstanding Service

2018 Young Alumnus

2017 Young Alumna

2016 Young Alumna

2016 Outstanding Service

2014 Outstanding Service

2014 Young Alumnus

2013 Young Alumni

2012 Young Alumnus

2012 Outstanding Service

2012 Honorary Alumnus

2011 Young Alumnus

2010 Outstanding Service

Walker College Distinguished Alumni

Beginning 2022, the Alumni Association also recognizes individuals from App State’s academic colleges and the Honors College.

2023 Phil Ostwalt

2022 Dawn Medlin