Want to develop the skills you need to grow and succeed? You’re in the right place.

Walker College of Business: Professional Education

The Walker College of Business’s Professional Education program closely aligned with the college's mission to deliver transformational educational experiences that prepare and inspire individuals to be ethical, innovative and engaged business leaders.  Program faculty include PhD and industry experts that deliver content in customizable formats, tailored to your organization's needs.

Professional Education program goals:

  • Empower employees by offering transformational training experiences to enhance career trajectories.
  • Grow local businesses by providing employees with needed managerial and professional knowledge, skills and competencies.
  • Develop our regional economy by providing the skilled labor needed to adjust to industry changes and compete in a global economy.

Our Philosophy:

Walker College of Business Professional Education offerings are built upon evidence-based practices, which means the content, learning strategies and processes are supported by research and have been demonstrated to succeed in organizational settings.


"The course created a bonding among our colleagues and I feel we're now more on "the same page" regarding marketing and working together more effectively."

 "The instructor and staff were great!" 

"The instructor did very well staying on course but still taking the time needed to answer any questions we had. Staff were attentive to our needs."