Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Goals and Plan

Our strategic plan is purposefully aligned with the UNC System's strategic initiatives, Appalachian State University's strategic directions, and AACSB's areas of emphasis. Following a process to systematically collect stakeholder input through surveys, focus groups, and retreats with the college's faculty, staff, students, alumni, Business Advisory Council, Executive Committee, center directors, and Strategic Planning Committee, the college developed aspirational goals for the next five years. Building on the academic and student support strengths that have made the Walker College successful thus far, these goals are to:

  1. increase collaboration and innovation in curricular and co-curricular offerings,
  2. enhance community and industry engagement,
  3. broaden teaching, learning, and scholarship,
  4. design a more sustainable organization, and
  5. re-engineer external funding processes for optimization.

2017-22 Plan

Past Plans