Linda MeznarMs. Linda Meznar
Business Manager & Exec. Assistant
(828) 262-2058

Kyle Allen

Mr. Kyle Allen
Executive Director of Development

Kim Bock

Ms. Kim Bock
Events Specialist
(828) 262-2361

Sabrina Cheves

Ms. Sabrina Cheves
Facilities & Resource Coordinator
(828) 262-8548

Haley Childers

Ms. Haley Childers
Communications Director
(828) 262-6247

Jen Hayward

Ms. Jennifer Hayward
Development Specialist

Lakshmi Iyer

Dr. Lakshmi Iyer
Interim Associate Dean for Graduate Programs & Research
(828) 262-2922

Martin Meznar

Dr. Martin Meznar
Associate Dean for Global and Civic Engagement

Kathy Mann

Ms. Kathy Mann
Scholarship Coordinator
(828) 262-6165

Ms. Stephanie Moretz
Lecturer, Business Capstone
(828) 262-8554

Katie Patrick

Ms. Katie Patrick
Business Services Coordinator
(828) 262-6802

Tung Ong

Mr. Tung Ong
Computer Consultant
(828) 262-6737

Meredith Pipes

Ms. Meredith Church Pipes
Global and Civic Engagement Specialist

Tracy ReedDr. Tracy Reed
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs & Administration

Dr. Josh Silvey
Director of Assessment and Accreditation Reporting
(828) 262-3174


Ms. Mandy Southern
Administrative Support Specialist
(828) 262-2057

Ms. Virginia Wallace
Leadership Annual Giving Officer