Supply Chain Management Concentration

In addition to the 27 hours of General Course Requirements, the Supply Chain Management Concentration requires 9 hours selected from the following:

  • MBA 5250: Strategic Sourcing and Logistics Management (3): This course will focus on the integration of procurement and logistics management for the supply chain. Students are introduced to important supply chain concepts including supplier selection, supplier relationships, cost management, sourcing strategy, negotiation, incoterms, transportation planning and execution. The objective of the course is to develop procurement and logistics management skills that students can appreciate and use effectively in their careers. A case based approach will be used to reinforce and enrich course content.
  • MBA 5680: Six Sigma, Lean and Quality Management (3): This course will cover topics on the Six Sigma system, Six Sigma methodology, lean, quality system, quality conformance, and the management system for quality. The course will also discuss quality assurance, measurement, reliability, process control charts, and process improvement tools. Various real-world cases will be discussed.
  • MBA 5870: Analytical Models for Supply Chain Management (3): Analytical models for supply chain management focuses on the applications and development of modeling tools for the supply chain. This course introduces students to important supply chain problems and solution methodologies including optimization, simulation, and other analytical methods. The objective of the course is to develop valuable modeling skills that students can appreciate and use effectively in their careers.
  • ECO 5740: Forecasting and Time Series Models (3): An examination of time series models for purposes of forecasting and performing time series regressions in economics, business, and the social sciences. Topics covered may include ARIMA, VAR, Granger causality, unit roots, spurious regressions, ARCH, and GARCH. Computer software will be utilized in applications.