International Business Concentration

In addition to the 27 hours of General Course Requirements, the International Business Concentration requires choosing 9 hours from the list below:

  • ECO 5640: International Economic Policy (3): This course examines several issues pertaining to trade between countries. Topics covered may include tariffs and non-tariff barriers, regional trading blocs, foreign direct investment, trade and environment issues, balance of payments, and exchange rates.

  • MBA 5020: International Experience (3): This course will develop an understanding of international cultural differences and an understanding of some of the important aspects of conducting business in an international arena. Topics vary from year to year, but can include topics such as financial reporting across national borders, foreign currency exchange issues, marketing to foreign cultures, transfer pricing, transnational tax issues, and so forth. Heavy emphasis will be on student research and presentation. 

  • MBA 5080: Sustainable Business for a Global Economy (3): This course provides a general overview of sustainable business ideas and practices, building a lens for developing business models that integrate sustainability goals. Through discussions, cases, multimedia, and assignments, students will have the opportunity to learn how to gather and evaluate information on emerging sustainability applications and trends, while understanding diverse stakeholder approaches to viewing regulations, profitability, and opportunities.

  • MBA 5720: International Seminar (3): Various topics are presented by international experts allowing students the opportunity to gain valuable insight about various specialties from faculty and from varying cultures as well.

  • MKT 5550: International Marketing (3): An analysis of cultural, legal, political, and economic factors affecting marketing in world markets. Emphasis is placed upon the differences in life styles, beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, and their influence upon the marketing decisions of the foreign firm. 

  • MBA 5800: Practicum: Business practica are available in the form of various community or university-based projects. MBA 5800 may be repeated for a total credit of six semester hours.