International Fair

Walker College of Business "Go International" Fair

Friday.November 17.2017 9:00-12:00

Holland Engagement Room

 Interested in study abroad but not sure what the options are for your major? Want to add an international internship to your resume, but don’t know where to start? Want to go abroad to Europe, Asia, South America or the Caribbean and earn ASU credit this spring break or summer? If so, make sure to come by the College of Business Go International Fair on Friday, November 17 from 9:00 am-12:00 pm in Peacock 4140, the Holland International Engagement Room. We will have panel discussions and pitches, door prizes, food, refreshments and a lot of fun. Drop-ins are welcome!

9:00 AM - Panel: International Internship Panel Discussion

Door Prize: $200 off AIESEC Global Entrepreneur Internship

The panel discussion will feature international interns, recently back from their experiences abroad. There will also be information on AIESEC and other internship opportunities and the general application process for an international internship.

Panelists: Larissa Neiderer - Intern, Germany; Destiny Rider - Intern, Argentina; Haley Hansen - Vicepresident, Outgoing Talent, AIESEC Appalachian; Veronica Lozano-Toub - Associate Director, BB&T Student Leadership Center Moderator: Dr. Martin Meznar

10:00 AM - Panel: Semester Study Abroad Experiences & Opportunities

Door Prize: Carry-on Luggage & Walker College of Business Gift Bag

The panel discussion will include study abroad students who spent last spring abroad. There will be information on the application process and all of ASU's full-semester abroad opportunities.

Panelists: Alia Dahlan - Australia; Lindsay Frohman - Belgium; Guadalupe Rosales - Chile; Phuong Vu - Japan;  Evan Lohmann - Assistant Director, Education Abroad Moderator: Meredith Church Pipes

11:00 AM - Pitches: Faculty-led Study Abroad Opportunities

Door Prize: $200 faculty-led program scholarship

Faculty leaders will give their program pitches on opportunities to study abroad over spring break and summer.

Pitches: Business Society & Sustainability in Brazil(Summer), International Business Seminar in Cuba(Spring), Angers, France Summer Business Program(Summer), Doing Business in China(Spring), Doing Business in Japan(Summer), Global Forensic Analytics in Taiwan(Summer), Survey of Business Practices in China: Ancient Customs alongside Cutting-edge Best Practice (Summer)

Event Details

Door prizes! There will be door prize drawings for each event. You must be present to win.

And there is food! Coffee and pastries provided.

Drop-ins welcome! Feel free to stop by any of the events for any amount of time that you are able. There is no dress code for this event.