MBA and MSADA Alumni Resources

MBA and MSADA Alumni

The value of your Appalachian MBA or MSADA had only begun with your one or two years spent in the program. Lifelong friendships, networking, and community resources are among the most important benefits of your Appalachian degree. The relationships you build within this community give you the power to move ahead in your job, change your career path, and even change your location around the world.

With more than 1,000 graduates, including leaders in the corporate world, as well as nonprofit and government organizations, we have a strong alumni network ready to serve you. Wherever you find yourself in life, you can always call on fellow Appalachian graduates for support. To allow us to stay in touch with you, please update your alumni record as information changes.

Give Back

Appalachian’s MBA and MSADA program offers a variety of ways alumni, friends, and supporters of our program can give back.  Complete an interest form to further your relationship with Appalachian State University. Potential opportunities include:

  • Be a mentor
  • Be a guest speaker in a class or club meeting
  • Organize a tour or information session at your company
  • Provide internships and job opportunities for current and graduating students
  • Serve on our advisory board
  • Provide a financial contribution to the MBA or MSADA program in support of student professional development, general scholarships and travel funds for our students.


Career Resources


Handshake connects alumni to employers with job, internship and interview postings. The Handshake site posts full time, part time, local and non-local, on campus, seasonal and temporary positions. 

Social Networking

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