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Dean's Club Grants

The Walker College of Business Dean's Club funds research grants each academic year to assist faculty in conducting research. Grants are available to tenured and tenure track faculty for research expenses in increments of $1,000. Awards greater than $1,000 may be considered under special circumstances. These grants are designed to reimburse faculty for out of pocket type expenses necessary for conducting research. The types of research projects that will be considered are new research projects (i.e., this is not research that has already been conducted) and a new direction of a current research project (i.e., the researcher has conducted research in a subject area and now wishes to extend the study in a new direction). Each recipient will be asked to participate in a Dean's Club Grant Recipient Poster Session event. More information about dates and presentation format will be provided to grant recipients. To submit a proposal or for more information, please email cobresearch@appstate.edu.

2016 Dean's Club Research Posters

Poster Title


How Earned vs Windfall Wealth Affects the Willingness to Commit FraudTodd Cherry, Johan Birkelund 
Family Connections in Motorsports: The Case of Formula OnePete Groothuis, Craig Depken II, Kurt Rotthoff
Global Experimental Asset Markets: Time-of-day mattersDavid L. Dickinson, Ananish Chaudhuri, Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy
Enforcing Compliance with Environmental Agreements in the Absence of Strong InstitutionsDave McEvoy, Todd Cherry
Willingness to Pay for Soccer Player Development in the USJohn Whitehead, Ash Morgan, Matt Drake
The Regulatory Fit of Serial Entrepreneurship IntentionsD.K. Hsu, S. A. Simmons, J.C. Carr, C. Shu
Perspectives on Universal Health Insurance and Traditional Medicine: The Case of TaiwanBetty S. Coffey, Richard W. Pouder, Charles Chuang, David R. Williams
Sustainable Consumption Through CO2 LabelingPia Albinsson, Suzanne Conner
The Restorative Effects of Unplugged Leisure TimePia Albinsson, G. David Shows, Tatyana Ruseva and Diane Waryold
The Use of Promotional Tools in the Motor Carrier Industry: An UpdateMike Dotson, Larry Garber
Water Conservation in Western North CarolinaPete Groothuis, Tanga Mohr, Kristan Cockerill

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2015 Dean's Club Research Posters



People don't Always Grieve after Failure:
The Psychological Ownership Perspective
Dan Hsu
The Earlier and the More, the Healthier? The Effects of Prenatal Care Utilization on Maternal Health and Health BehaviorsJi Yan

Using Text Analytics to Predict Educational Attainment and Application Yield for Potential University Honors Students

Joseph Cazier and Shawn Bergman
Predictive Validity of Stated Preference Data: Application to Rocky Knob ParkJohn Whitehead
Characteristics of Consumers Likely and Unlikely
to Participate in Medical Tourism
Jennifer Henson, Mike Dotson, Bonnie Guy
Should I Stay or Should I Go?:
Motivators, Decision Factors, and Information Sources Influencing Those Predisposed to Medical Tourism
Jennifer Henson, Mike Dotson, Bonnie Guy
Reconsidering Serial Entrepreneurs:
Intervening Employment Experience as the Missing Link
Betty Coffey, Ben Powell, Dan Hsu

How Well Do Professionals Forecast Exchange Rates?
Evidence from Survey Expectations

Onur Ince
Social Enterprises in the Sharing Economy:
The Rise and Fall of Clothing Libraries in Sweden
Pia Albinsson
Catastrophic Risk and Social Resiliency,
Comparing the US to New Zealand
Dave Marlett
IT- Energy Conservation at Work:
People Don't Always Act the Way They Feel
Carol Pollard 

URC Grants

The University Research Council (URC) Grants Program is committed to a broad and inclusive definition of research, including both pure and applied research as well as scholarly creative endeavors. Proposals must be submitted online. Guidelines, eligibility information, and application instructions are available on the ORSP website.

The mission of the University Research Council is to stimulate, encourage, and support research across all segments of the University community. The URC is committed to a broad and inclusive definition of research, including both pure and applied research as well as scholarly creative endeavors. Each year a limited amount of funds generated from the indirect / overhead funds from extramural grants and contracts are used to support faculty research activities with grant awards of up to $5,000. It is the responsibility of the University Research Council to solicit and evaluate research proposals from the faculty, and to make recommendations to the Dean and Chief Research Officer regarding the funding of the proposals.

For questions about the URC Grants application process, contact grs@appstate.edu.