Dean’s Club Research Prize


First awarded in 2019, the Dean’s Club Research Prize is one way that the Walker College Dean’s Club members provide opportunity and create success at App State. The awards help support and reward faculty engaged in mission-driven, high impact and innovative scholarly work. Full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty in the Walker College are invited to submit completed and published research for consideration of one of three financial awards: One prize of $5,000 and two prizes of $2,500. 

Past Recipients

First Place

  • 2024 Tiberiu Ungureanu
  • 2023 Dennis Guignet
  • 2022 Jayjit Roy
  • 2021 Joseph Cazier & Ed Hassler
  • 2020 Dennis Guignet
  • 2019 Rajat Panwar

Second Place

  • 2024 Youngeui Kim, Shishir Shakya
  • 2023 David Dickinson, Brandy Hadley
  • 2022 Mark Bollinger, Nik Nikolov
  • 2021 Lubna Nafees, Jason Xiong
  • 2020 Neel Das, Brandy Hadley
  • 2019 David Shows & Pia Albinsson, David Dickinson


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