Dean's Club Grants

Dean's Club Grants

The Walker College of Business Dean's Club funds research grants each academic year to assist faculty in conducting research. Grants are available to tenured and tenure track faculty for research expenses in increments of $1,000. Awards greater than $1,000 may be considered under special circumstances. These grants are designed to reimburse faculty for out of pocket type expenses necessary for conducting research. The types of research projects that will be considered are new research projects (i.e., this is not research that has already been conducted) and a new direction of a current research project (i.e., the researcher has conducted research in a subject area and now wishes to extend the study in a new direction). Each recipient will be asked to participate in a Dean's Club Grant Recipient Poster Session event. More information about dates and presentation format will be provided to grant recipientsClick here to apply and learn more about the Walker College of Business Dean's Club Research Grant.

2021-2022 Dean's Club Research Posters

On Thursday, October 27, 2022, 13 projects will be presented at the 2021-22 Walker College of Business Dean's Club Research Poster Session in the 2nd floor Boyles Lobby of Peacock Hall.  The posters will be available for viewing from 10:00am until 2:00pm. The research for the posters was funded in part by the Walker College's Dean's Club.  The Dean's Club is an annual giving society designed to benefit our students and faculty while enhancing our academic programs. Walker WCOB Professors, Pennie Bagley, Kevin Eller, Brian Hasson, John Whitehead, Pia Albinsson, Kesha Coker, Jessica Zeiss, Brock Stoddard, H. Kristl Davison, Jeff Foreman, Steven Leon, Wei Xie, Lubna Nafees, David Dickinson, Parker Reid, and Brent Johnson will be present at their respective posters periodically throughout the day to discuss their research with students, faculty and staff. Please drop by the poster session between the hours of 10:00am - 2:00pm on October 27th and discover the exciting research projects being conducted by our Walker College of Business faculty.


Title of Research


What makes a Good Audit Hire, and How has that Changed Post-COVID?Pennie Bagley, Kevin Eller, Brian Hasson
The Impact of Coastal Groundwater Issues on the Coastal Tourist Economy of North CarolinaJohn Whitehead
Consumer Improvisation, Vulnerability and ResiliencePia Albinson,  Kesha Coker,   Jessica Zeiss
Collateral Enforcement in Public Goods GamesBrock Stoddard
Newcomer Socialization: Investigating the Role of Cultural ValuesH. Kristl Davison
Consumer Responses to Legality Framing About Medical Canabis in Social MediaJeff Foreman
Air Transport in the COVID Era: A Fear and Satisfaction Analysis using a Best-Worst ScaleSteven Leon
Healthcare User Generated Content (HUGC) and COVID Vaccination Hesitancy and ResistanceWei Xie
Is the Influencer I Follow Human or Robot: A Case of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) Influencers and BrandsLubna Nafees
Personality and Ethical ChoiceDavid Dickinson
How Online Gambling Impacts Probability Judgements in a Bayesian task environmentParker Reid
Collateral Enforcement in Small Groups Brent Johnson
Between-group inequality and cooperationAbhijit Ramalingam & Sarah Brodin

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