Analytics Badging Programs

MSADA Students have completed 349 courses from the following sources:


Data Camp




DataCamp (students added to datacamp course setup through the academic program)



SAS Digital Badges 


Cognitive Class logo




IBM Cognitive Class

Python for Data Science

R 101

Check other badging courses (including machine learning, block chain, etc..)


Students collectively earned a total of 1,598,602 XP points from Datacamp:

  • 33 courses in Machine Learning
  • 18 courses in Probability
  • 15 courses in Python
  • 69 courses in Correlation & Regression
  • 16 courses in unsupervised Learning

As well as Data Visualization, Tree-based Models, Time Series, Natural Language Processing, and Forecasting using R, Python, SQL, and SAS software.


For any questions regarding badging programs and courses, feel free to contact us using the link provided.