Online Curriculum & Concentrations

Online MBA

The Online MBA program offers a part-time curriculum that requires two years to complete. Students in the online program take 6 hours per semester (fall, spring, and summer) to complete the 36-hour program in two years. Online MBA students will earn their MBA with a concentration in Interdisciplinary Business. 

Some online courses may require synchronous class meetings. These meetings would take place between 6:00pm and 9:00pm Eastern (US) time. Students who are unable to “attend” synchronous meetings are required to contact their faculty member for accommodation. Some courses may require exam proctoring at preapproved testing centers. Course instructor will provide additional information.

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MBA Core Classes

MBA 5110 - Economics for Decision Making (3 hrs.)MBA 5420 - Marketing Strategy and Applications (3 hrs.)
MBA 5200 - Problem Analysis and Quantitative Methods (3 hrs.)                    MBA 5600 - Managerial Finance (3 hrs.)
MBA 5220 - Operations and Supply Chain Management (3 hrs.)                        MBA 5750 - Strategic Management (3 hrs.) 
MBA 5230 - Fundamentals of Business Analytics (3 hrs.) MBA 5820 - Executive Skills (0 hrs.)
MBA 5320 - Managerial Accounting (3 hrs.) 

MBA Concentrations

The online Master of Business Administration degree at Appalachian