Program Requirements

Prerequisite Courses

Some students may not have completed prerequisite courses in their undergraduate study that are required for several MBA courses. Students have a variety of resources available to assist with completing those courses, including taking the undergraduate prerequisite course. Alternatively, students may satisfy the prerequisite by taking an online module via a third party provider. Contact the MBA program at to get more information about Prerequisite Courses and ways to meet them. The 6 courses having prerequisite requirements are accounting, finance, economics, management, marketing, and statistics. For more information on prerequisite policies and procedures, please visit the following link.

International Course Requirement

It is within the Program's goals to provide students with the necessary knowledge to conduct business in a diverse, global environment. Every student is required to complete an international course. Students in the International Concentration must take MBA 5020, International Experience, which includes a faculty-led study abroad component. Upcoming Trips

Additionally, the college maintains partnerships with universities across the globe and continues to expand groundbreaking opportunities in emerging markets.

Executive Skills

Students are required to take Executive Skills (MBA 5820), during their last semester in the program. This zero-credit hour course is designed to provide career coaching to students as they prepare to leave the classroom and begin or continue their careers. The program also conducts assurance of learning activities as part of this course.

Current MBA students are expected to wear business casual clothing for all official MBA activities or other appropriate attire for specific events. Dress code requirements