Online MBA

Online MBA

The Online MBA program is designed to be completed in two years. Students take 6 hours per semester (fall, spring, and summer) to complete the 36-hour program in two years.  Flexibility is possible for students who wish to progress at a slower or faster pace.  

Some online courses require synchronous class meetings. These meetings would take place between 6:00pm and 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time (EST). Students who are unable to join synchronous meetings are required to contact their faculty member for accommodation. Many professors record their classes, but the greatest value and learning will be gained by attending live sessions when offered.

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MBA Core Classes

MBA 5110 - Economics for Decision-Making     MBA 5420 - Marketing Strategy & Applications    
MBA 5200 - Problem Analysis & Quantitative Methods   MBA 5600 - Managerial Finance
MBA 5220 - Operations & Supply Chain ManagementMBA 5750 - Strategic Management
MBA 5260 - Intro to Business Analytics & Info SystemsMBA 5820 - Executive Skills
MBA 5320 - Managerial Accounting 

MBA Concentration in Interdisciplinary Business

The Interdisciplinary Business Concentration allows students to tailor their MBA degree to their interests by taking courses in a variety of business disciplines. 


Current Interdisciplinary Business Concentration Electives

Choose 4 - one must have an international focus

MKT 5550 - International Marketing *CIS 5630 - Data Management 
SCM 5690 - Global Supply Chain Manangement * MBA 5821 - Digital Marketing Strategy 
MBA 5240 - Sustainability Performance Assessment  ECO 5621 - Environmental Economics & Policy 
MGT 5770 - Business EthicsSCM 5680 - Six Sigma Lean & Quality Management

* Satisfies international focus requirement

MBA Concentration in Cybersecurity

 The Cybersecurity Concentration gives students the skills necessary to identify vulnerabilities and protect organizations, their employees, and assets against cyber threats.


Cybersecurity Concentration Electives 

FIN 5850 - FinTech/InsureTech * CIS 5760 - Global Blockchain for Business *
MBA 5660 - Web Analytics, Data Privacy and SecurityCIS 5620 - IS Strategy, Policy, and Governance

* Satifies international focus requirement

Interdisciplinary Business Concentration students may also take one or more of these Cybersecurity electives.

Course Spotlights

View video messages from some of our online MBA faculty members. 

Dr. Steven Creek, Strategic Management - MBA 5750

Dr. Dinesh Davè, Global Supply Chain Management - SCM 5690

Dr. John Whitehead, Economics for Decision-Making - MBA 5110

Dr. David Shows, Marketing Strategy and Applications - MBA 5420