Current Initiatives

Current Initiatives

Here are initiatives, both college-wide and departmental, that both support the success of diverse business students and foster diversity, equity and inclusion in the College.

Appalachian Advocates

The Appalachian Advocates initiative is a program created to equip, expand and make visible the network of support available to members of underrepresented groups within our App State Community, and the greater Boone community. Membership is open to all faculty and staff to advocate for and support underrepresented students. Appalachian Advocates began as an initiative of the Walker College of Business in 2020 and expanded to a campus-wide initiative in 2022.


Courageous Conversations

The Courageous Conversations panel discussion and reception create a space for meaningful dialogue to occur around issues of discrimination and implicit bias in the workplace.


Brantley Center Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

Started in 2010 and revitalized in 2018, the Brantley Center's Diversity & Inclusion Initiative (formerly called the Building Insurance Talent Program) provides mentoring, networking opportunities and career development to attract and support students of diverse backgrounds. Contact Lacy Chesnutt  for more information. 

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Inclusive Excellence RMI Recruitment Dinner

The Inclusive Excellence in Risk Management and Insurance Dinner is an annual dinner hosted by the RMI Faculty & Gamma Iota Sigma focused on the recruitment of students from diverse backgrounds. The dinner features historically underrepresented industry professionals (alumni & non-alumni). The dinner is geared towards freshman, sophomores, and transfer students of diverse backgrounds. This program aims to recruit diverse undergraduate students with an interest in pursuing a degree in Risk Management & Insurance or Actuarial Science. It also serves to encourage undecided majors from diverse backgrounds to consider the Risk Management & Insurance or Actuarial Science major.

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Neurodiversity Spotlight

The Neurodivergent Students & Allies Club and the Graduate Student Government Association's Inclusion & Outreach Committee launched a Neurodiversity Spotlight: Embracing Unique Perspectives in 2023.




View more issues. Find additional neurodiversity resources on our Diversity & Inclusion Resources page.

Martha Guy Business for Good Community

The Martha Guy Business for Good Community aims to create a sustainable, equitable, and diverse environment to assist first-generation transfer students in their transition to Appalachian and help them succeed in the Walker College of Business and beyond. Learn more.

Ph.D. Project Member

The PhD Project was founded upon the premise that advancements in workplace diversity could be propelled forward by increasing the diversity of business school faculty.  Participating universities demonstrate a strong commitment to diversifying their own campuses, the academic world as a whole and the future of corporate America.


Professional Attire Assistance Program

This initiative provides professional attire for students unable to afford this expense. 

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Shared Reading

The Walker College of Business Shared Reading Initiative brings students, faculty and staff together to read and discuss a work on social and/or environmental justice. The work selected will highlight ways business can help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Learn more.

We are Walker Scholarship

The We are Walker Scholarship is a faculty- and staff-funded, renewable annual scholarship to recognize and support an outstanding incoming intended business major from an underrepresented population.  Read More.

Women of Walker

The mission of the Women of Walker (WoW) is to accelerate professional development, personal growth, and leadership abilities for female business majors at Appalachian State University through networking, career exploration, travel, and professional development workshops and seminars.


Women in Financial Services

The Women in Financial Services Initiative is a collaboration between the Brantley Risk & Insurance Center and the Department of Finance, Banking & Insurance that works to identify and develop high potential female Appalachian students for careers in financial services. Contact Dr. Brandy Hadley or Dr. Lori Medders for more information.