Advertising research will help marketers know when to invest in ad creativity

Research on advertisement creativity from Walker College Marketing Professor Ilgım Dara Benoit was recently published in the Journal of Consumer Marketing.

In the paper, Dr. Benoit and Dr. Elizabeth Miller, a co-author from the University of Massachusetts Amberst's Isenberg School, find that creativity in advertising is more effective when the consumer's motivation is utilitarian (i.e. for practical purposes) versus hedonic (i.e. for pleasure). The researchers also found that creativity is more effective when more claims are made by an advertisement, but only when the consumer's motivations are hedonic. The opposite is true when consumer's motivation is utilitarian. 

These findings may help marketers manage their advertising budgets more effectively and efficiently knowing when advertisement creativity matters and, thus, when to invest in creativity.

Read the full paper online.

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Advertising research will help marketers know when to invest in ad creativity
Published: Jun 26, 2019 3:13pm