Agreement with Wenzhou University expands Walker College of Business' international partnerships

Appalachian State University and the Walker College of Business announces an international partnership with Wenzhou University in Wenzhou, China. Representatives from the two universities recently signed a memorandum of understanding establishing an Agreement that will set in motion various collaborative activities including student and faculty exchanges, joint academic programming, and possible research collaboration, according to Jesse Pipes, an entrepreneurship lecturer in the Walker College of Business.

Pipes states that the Wenzhou University leadership, including the University's President, College Deans, and faculty members, were eager and very interested to see various initiatives developed. Appalachian's delegation met with representatives from Wenzhou's International Relations Office, College of International Collaboration, College of Chemistry and Materials Science, and the School of Entrepreneurship.

The partnership opens the door for collaboration to implement a joint entrepreneurship course, according to Pipes. Pipes traveled to China in December 2015 along with professor of management Dan Hsu, Walker College Associate Dean for International Programs Martin Meznar, and Appalachian State University Associate Vice Chancellor of International Education and Development Jesse Lutabingwa to sign the agreement.

Under the leadership of Dr. Dan Hsu, this new partnership will bring together entrepreneurship students from both universities, equipping them to develop international, entrepreneurial ventures which embrace innovation and foster global engagement through international student and faculty exchange activities.

Wenzhou University is touted as a flagship for entrepreneurial exploration and practice.

Dr. Hsu plans to select the first cohort of Appalachian students to partner with Wenzhou students by Fall 2016. According to Pipes, this pilot program will serve as an applied international business experience in Asia, with an emphasis on producing tangible outcomes.

Each university will select 15 students to collaborate remotely on entrepreneurship-based projects and will include reciprocal visits between the students from both universities in 2017.

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Published: Jan 5, 2016 1:48pm