Analytics students present research at seventh annual energy summit

Walker College of Business students presented analytics research at the Energy Summit on the campus of Appalachian State University on July 31, 2018.

The students -- MBA student with data science concentration Dalton Stout and data analytics graduate students Daniel Paprocki and Lucas Stinson, and communciations senior Crystal Payne.

The students, Dalton Stout, Lucas Stinson, Daniel Paprocki and Crystal Payne, presented research completed with faculty mentors Joseph Cazier, Ed Hassler, Thomas Mueller and Jamie Russell.

View the students' photos from the energy summit poster session.

The 2018 summit was themed "Leadership for Good" and was the seventh annual meeting convening thought leaders in energy policies and practices. The three-day event aimed to deliver meaningful ecological, financial and social benefit.

The student posters highlighted energy-related research, with topics ranging from efficiency, renewables, technology, education, policy and environmental impacts. 

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About Student Research in the Walker College of Business

The Walker College Business encourages students to participate in research supervised by a faculty mentor to: Learn more about issues or questions of specific interest; Learn how business firms and government agencies do research; Gain additional job skills; Work more closely in a collaborative and mentoring context with a professor, and Improve presentation skills. Business students are eligible to apply for a variety of research grants designed to cover costs associated with research projects or creative endeavors, including Appalachian State University Office of Student Research Grants, Barnes Program Research Grants, and the CERPA Scholars Program. Learn more at

From left, students Lucas Stinson, Daniel Paprocki and Daniel Stout at the Appalachian Energy Summit
Published: Aug 10, 2018 12:10am