App State business students live and learn in Business for Good community

First-generation college students, in particular, face barriers in the early years of their higher education journeys.

To help retain these important members of the Appalachian State University community, the Walker College of Business has created a Business for Good Residential Learning Community (RLC), through which first-generation students who plan to major in business share coursework and live together in a residence hall.

"We aim to equip, prepare and empower these students to use business to build a better world," said Sara Figlow, director of the Business for Good RLC. "Through the RLC, these students receive mentoring, participate in social activities and career workshops and learn about business-focused student clubs."

The Business for Good Residential Learning Community is open to first year, first generation business students and will focus on exploring how businesses can address social, environmental and economic problems in an effort to build a better world.

Non-profit organizations and governments have a role, but often don't have the resources, scope or ability to act quickly to address cross-border issues of social justice and sustainability. This community will investigate how businesses can help further the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Members share the First Year Seminar class, Business Futures: Foundations in Ethics, Sustainability and Inclusion.


Members of the first Business For Good Residential Learning Center (RLC) are pictured in Peacock Hall’s TI Center for Entrepreneurship on App State’s campus.

Figlow added that students in the Business for Good RLC are considered for a unique, renewable scholarship.

These students are also encouraged to apply for the We are Walker Scholarship, which is funded by faculty and staff in the college and awarded to outstanding first-year intended business majors from traditionally underrepresented communities. 

The opportunity reflects both the value placed on fostering a vibrant community with diverse perspectives, experiences and ideas in the Walker College and the reality that, for students from underrepresented groups, the road to success may involve overcoming obstacles that others never experience. Learn more about the We Are Walker Scholarship at

Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) at Appalachian State University

Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) at Appalachian State University provide students with a unique housing opportunity. One of the best ways to develop strong friendships and succeed in college is to join a learning community! RLCs that are linked to a course and sponsored by a specific college or academic department afford students an academic learning experience outside of the classroom in a fun and educational setting. Students in RLCs linked to a course will automatically be enrolled in a section of the required course(s) by University Housing staff. Learn more at

About Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Walker College of Business

We foster a culture that values diversity and we intentionally include people and perspectives from diverse cultures, worldviews, backgrounds, traditions and ways of life. We know that diversity takes many forms, including, but not limited to, diversity of Age, (Dis)ability, Cultural Background, Educational Background, Gender Expression, Gender Identity, Geographical Region, National Origin, Neurodiversity, Race and Ethnicity, Religion, Sexual Orientation/Sexuality, Socioeconomic Status/Social Class and Veteran Status. We believe organizations that value people from a multitude of backgrounds have a competitive advantage in global industry and that business can empower change on a grand scale when guided by just, inclusive and equitable principles. Learn more at

Members of the first Business For Good Residential Learning Center (RLC) are pictured in Peacock Hall’s Department of Management
Published: Aug 3, 2022 10:00am