Appalachian students learn first-hand about global tourism supply chain in Thailand

As part of a global supply chain logistics course, business students from Appalachian State University are experiencing the tourism supply chain in Thailand this month.

Drawing upon a Walker College relationship with Burapha University, the students are exploring the tourism industry, experiencing culture and learning how global brands implement marketing strategies and global sourcing practices in Thailand. Through company and site visits in Thailand, these students will return to the states with a better understanding of the international challenges and opportunities associated with doing business in a global context, including effective interpersonal strategies for communication in business and social etiquette, negotiating practices, and relationship and teambuilding, among others.

The January 5-14 trip was led by information systems and supply chain professor Charlie Chen and graduate programs advisor Kim Kirby

View a the students' photos on Facebook.

About  Walker College Study Abroad Programs

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Appalachian students in Thailand
Published: Jan 10, 2018 10:49am