BIG Annual Report Released

Appalachian State University's Bowden Investment Group (BIG) recently published its 2022-23 annual report, alongside its April 2023 BIG update.

April 2023 BIG Update

The April 2023 update includes a final letter from BIG President Jonathan Fogle; an explanation of the importance of interacting with industry professionals, specifically Wedge Capital, Sterling Capital and Dimensional Fund Advisors; notes on the ending portfolio composition; and a listing of graduating members and their career destinations.

2022-23 BIG Annual Report

The 38-page 2022-23 BIG annual report [PDF] provides a history and purpose of the group; current economic projections and recent performance indicators for the portfolio; a summary of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) in the financial industry; and notes on the group's activities, including guest speakers, competitions, firm visits, and an alumni dinner, among others.

Graduating Member Sentiments

The graduating BIG members were asked to reflect on their experiences during the course. Following are excerpts from their testimonials, which can be read in full in the 2022-23 BIG annual report.

  • During the past two semesters I have been pushed further than I ever have in my college career and learned what I am capable of.
    -Noah DeLucia
  • Having the opportunity to be in the Bowden Investment Group not only shaped me for my professional career, but also instilled lifelong principles to follow.
    - Jonathan Fogle
  • I developed crucial skills like professional development and fundamental analysis. This class is perfect for like-minded individuals passionate about investing, and I recommend it to all future students. The rewards are immeasurable, and it has been one of the best experiences of my college career.
    -Luis Lopez-Bautista
  • My time in Bowden has been nothing short of life changing... I have learned about the process of working for things larger than oneself, and in that time I have fallen in love with finance, and my path seems clearer than ever.
  • -Jackson Norwood
  • I can confidently guarantee that one will not find a program more elevating or advisors as competent and caring as those found in Bowden.
    -David Price
  • Bowden has strengthened my understanding and furthered my curiosity of the financial and investing space. The group has allowed me to apply the skills that I have acquired across multiple business classes and apply them in an impactful way. Being a part of Bowden has helped me to grow in communication, teamwork, professionalism, and my intellectual curiosity.
    -Charlotte Rice
  • One of the significant lessons I learned is the power of being patient and listening to others as that helps you understand different points of view. Have conviction, be patient, listen to others even if you disagree, don't let emotions get the better of you, and be kind.
    -Jimmy Said
  • The course has taken me across borders, introduced me to influential people, and challenged my comfort zone.
    -Morgan Scott
  • Being a member of the Bowden Investment Group has been the most impactful and empowering experience I have ever had. Among everything I gained from being in Bowden the most impactful lesson has been learning from Dr. Hadley and Mr. Poole the importance of always being grateful and paying your success forward, as they do for us with no incentive.
    -McKenzie Shail
  • Over the past year, I've learned to work harder than I ever thought possible, to believe in myself and my abilities, and to keep moving forward even when things get tough. These are skills that will serve me well not only in my future career, but in all areas of my life.
    -Steven Testa
  • The blend of practical training and career advancement opportunities that BIG provides is unparalleled within the Walker College.
    -Ian White

About the Bowden Investment Group

The Elbert V. Bowden Student Managed Investment Fund was established in January 2000 with the purpose of providing students with an opportunity to obtain hands-on investment experience and to provide funds to benefit the students and faculty in the Finance, Banking and Insurance department. Learn more at

Published: May 30, 2023 8:23am