Bowden Investment Group releases January 2022 update

The January 2022 Update from the Bowden Investment Group was recently released. It features a letter from BIG President Caroline Alba, an update on recent and upcoming competitions, a note about recruiting for the next BIG Class and an economic outlook.

“As we shift into recruiting season for the next BIG class, we have taken the time to reflect on how far we have journeyed and the skills we have developed as we eagerly prepare to step into our full-time careers,” said Alba, a senior.

Read the January update.


About the Bowden Investment Group

The Elbert V. Bowden Student Managed Investment Fund was established in January 2000 with the purpose of providing students with an opportunity to obtain hands-on investment experience and to provide funds to benefit the students and faculty in the Finance, Banking and Insurance department. Learn more

 Bowden Investment Group releases January 2022 update
Published: Feb 14, 2022 11:46am