Business faculty, staff recognized as "most helpful" at Appalachian

Appalachian State University's Mapworks Office has released the 2016-17 version of its Most Helpful Faculty & Staff poster.

Eighteen faculty or staff members from the Walker College of Business made the list. They are John Dawson, David Dickinson, Tim Forsyth, Kathy Graham, Carol Kline, Rachel Keller, Greg Langdon, Ron Marden, David Marlett, David McEvoy, Martin Meznar, Amy Odom, Ivan Roten, Barbara Rule, Erich Schlenker, Josh Silvey, Alan Singer, Joe Walsh, and Jan Woods.

The poster is a compilation of all faculty and staff names, as indicated by freshmen and first year transfer students, in answer to the question: "Who has been most helpful to your success at Appalachian?"

The "most helpful" faculty and staff list is extracted from Spring MAP-Works student survey responses.

For more information, contact the Mapworks Office,