Business professor publishes research on marketing efforts by NC wineries

Appalachian Professor of Marketing James E. Stoddard's research on marketing North Carolina wineries has been published in the Journal of Wine Research.

The paper, entitled Exploring the differences between new and repeat visitors to North Carolina wineries: implications for winery marketing strategy development appears in Volume 26, Issue 3 of the journal.

Stoddard, along with Appalachian Professor Emeritus Stephen Clopton, tested the proposition that the distinction between new and repeat winery visitors would provide a meaningful basis for winery market segmentation.

The researchers combined survey data from more than 900 respondents at North Carolina wineries and found that new and returning winery visitors differed along many dimensions such as age, the number of nights staying in the area, primary purpose of the trip, the proportion of day-trippers versus overnight visitors, motivation to visit the winery, satisfaction with the winery's wine quality and wine experience, and information source use.

The results suggest that the market positioning focus for older, returning winery visitors should be to continue to improve winery amenities (e.g. ambience, retail store, tasting room, restaurant, tours, wine club, etc.) and wine quality to keep them coming back.

In addition, marketing effort focusing on educational programs and special events (e.g. wine and food pairings) may be quite attractive to returning winery visitors.

For new winery visitors, the winery should be promoted as something fun to do. Perhaps tracking visitors with a registration form and following up with winery brochures and directing them to the website would generate favorable publicity.

The full article is available online.

Stoddard's research interests include behavioral dimensions of marketing channels, organizational buying behavior, psychometric assessment of measurement scales and sales force automation.


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Published: Aug 30, 2015 12:00pm